Tiny Tina Week 6

Christmas Special

Firstly readers, apologies for the delay. It has been Christmas, and I have been making rather merry. This included the “work Christmas do’ with Mistress Pixie and Miss Scarlett. Games were played, food was eaten, dances were danced, bubbles were drunk, and I was even allowed a beer, though serving the ladies was my priority. Gifts were given: some pleasers for Mistress and perfume for Miss Scarlett. And I was given presents too: some girly knickers and a lovely sissy dress, which I was ordered to put on with no delay. I was also put into some very high heels, had a wig plonked on my bonce, and a facefull of make-up, courtesy of Miss Scarlett. This delighted Mistress Pixie. I looked silly, and felt funny. I also brought the new device along for Mistress to look at. It was rather small, but big enough for my dick to go in. My dick IS small. Getting a semi would be uncomfortable. Getting a full erection would be tear inducing. There are also six spikes around the shaft which can be tightened via an allen key. But it was going to have to wait, as my balls were still recovering from an infection (see week 5). I’d been out of a device too long now, and this had disastrous results for my bottom.Later that week, I was at the House of Pixie, as usual, to clean, mop, hoover, and generally suffer for Mistress’ amusement. But there were a definite cheekiness about me. I was giving backchat, and it wasn’t going unnoticed. It all ended in tears. Mine. I was quite rightly given a caning (see Mistress Pixie’s AVN for the video). When it was over, I fell to Mistress’ feet and rained heart-felt kisses over Her shoes, and begged Her to forgive me for being so disrespectful. I felt sure I wouldn’t have behaved like this had my dick been locked away, and I was now very keen to have the cage back on as soon as possible.