Tiny Tina Week 2

The device came with six rings. From past experience, I thought it best to put the largest ring around my balls and cock, before fitting the device. But in the muddle I got myself in trying to get a hold of my balls before they could retreat up into my body, I put the second largest ring on, before fitting the unique numbered lock and sending photo proof to Mistress Pixie. The first nights sleep wasn’t so bad, nor the second. It wasn’t until the fifth night (Tuesday night into Wednesday morning) that I was woken by a rock hard painful boner at 2am, having gone to sleep at midnight. I could only lay in bed, waiting for it go down. And so it did. But I awoke again early in the morning with the same problem. Wednesday was also the day I was allowed to remove the device for hygiene reasons. However, I was to film myself showering and then fitting a new unique numbered lock, and send the film to Mistress. No wanking allowed. And so I showered, and the device came off. My balls had formed into a curious, scrunched up shape, and were tender to touch. My ablutions completed, I refitted the device, but this time I put the largest of the six rings on, knowing it would be a bit more comfortable for me. You couldn’t really tell I’d done this in the video, as the device was just out of shot when I put it down to shower. I snapped on the new numbered lock and held it close to the camera so Mistress Pixie could make a note of it. And there I was, back in chastity following an all too brief, frustrating and orgasm-free release. The video was 12 minutes long, and I sent it to my Mistress. Two more nights in bed with no wanking followed, and then on Friday, disaster struck. I had been using a cream to keep my balls from chaffing inside the ring, and on Friday afternoon , I was laying in bed, desperate for a wank and holding my balls, trying to offer them some comfort. Because they were slippery from the cream, and because they were in a slightly wider ring, one popped out. The other followed, and that was it: so close to being locked for one whole week, with only one very non-private release, I was now free of the device. I immediately tried to slip my balls back through, but they weren’t having it. The only thing I could do was message Mistress right away and tell Her what happened. She wasn’t happy, and accused me of letting myself out to try and wank. Harsh punishment was promised. I implored with Her that it was an accident. I sent a photo of the device with the same numbered lock still on, and eventually she accepted what I was saying. I cut the lock off, refitted the device, this time with the smaller ring, fitted a new lock and sent a photo of the new number. I did not take the opportunity to have a wank.

My next visit to Mistress will see Her fitting a proper padlock and keeping both keys. And so, my fate will truly be sealed.