Tiny Tina Week 3

A whole week with no orgasms, but I’m off to visit Mistress, to film some scenes with Her, and also to finally get rid of the unique numbered locks, replaced with a padlock. I’d bought a fresh pack of padlocks, so that Mistress could open the pack knowing I hadn’t had a copy cut for myself. I bought what I thought was a blue and a pink one, pink being Mistress’ favourite colour, but once it came out of the pack, it was clearly red. Oh well, perhaps we can call it strawberry pink. The device came off, and, my wrists and ankles fastened to the St. Andrews Cross, Miss Scarlett filmed Mistress Pixie mocking my shrivelled manhood. The film is going up on Her AVN stars soon, along with some other extremely hot content. DO subscribe! Next, it was over to the bondage bed to have the device go back on with the padlock, but first, Mistress had a little surprise for me. She had already informed me that she didn’t like me having pubes, and today, She had hot wax and strips ready, to make my cock, balls, and groin all as smooth as a snooker ball. I yelped and squeezed like an absolute sissy. It’s no wonder Mistress is forcing me to lead a sissy life. I was hoping that after a whole week of not being allowed to cum, I’d be allowed to have a fiddle, but no such luck. The device went on, the padlock was snapped shut, and both keys were hidden away. All I had to look forward to was torture with some stinging nettles, with Mistress Pixie and Miss Scarlett laughing at my misery (again, look out for the video on Her AVN) 48 hours later, a frustrated wreck, I was back at the the House of Pixie to perform domestic chores for My Goddess, but also to have the cage off for the purpose of cleaning my imprisoned member. This time, I’m happy to say that, after ten days without orgasm, I was given a short amount of time to jerk off, under Mistress’ supervision. I tugged and tugged at my pathetic little winky, high on Mistress’ perfume and Her beautiful voice, Her barbed comments regarding the size of my dick making me harder and harder. And so I released my load of goo, right on my belly. I was given a tissue to mop it up, and soon the cage was back on, swinging about my legs as I shake ‘n’ vacced. The relief was temporary. That night I was awoken by my cock bulging in it prison once more, and so it has been ever since. When I will be allowed to cum again, I do not know. I have been told to paint my toenails pink, and to do it neatly. I hope I have, but fear I haven’t, and that my next release date is disappearing into the distance.